Azerbaijan: Land of Football


Earlier this year, Atlético Madrid announced a $15.8M deal with Azerbaijan’s department of tourism. Atlético–a top competitor in La Liga (Liga BBVA), the highest professional football (soccer) association in Spain–views this as part of an “strategic international expansion plan.” They also boast a commitment to promoting the image of Azerbaijan, as “a country that wants to grow and invest in its development as a tourist destination, as well as modernization and innovation in the field of science and technology.” Read more about the deal…

“The name of Azerbaijan will reach all over the world in the hands of Atletico Madrid.”

Although there is a certain degree of international knowledge of Azerbaijan’s policy of racism and disregard for human rights (>>>>>***EXAMPLE***<<<<<), not to mention its corrupt/authoritarian governmenthow long do we expect this consensus to uphold when the objective truth is threatened each day?
(FYI, there are plenty of disturbing examples out there, if interested.)

On a related note, I’m sure every single Armenian felt a chill down their spine when hearing “Azerbaijan… same to Türkiye” (0:29 – 0:32). I’m not going to delve into the “One Nation, Two States” topic, but I just want to point out that Turkish Airlines hasn’t done too shabby of a job with its ad campaign either.

With that said, maybe it’s time we (Armenians) shake off our unrealistic and self-righteous expectation that the world will automatically give just retribution and recognition to our plight, as a victimized nation; It’s time we take a lesson in self-promotion and get ourselves closer to where we want to be. We can certainly shift to a different point on that spectrum without degrading the values and integrity we claim to live by and for.

OH! And in case you’re curious, I first came across this Atlético-Azerbaijan alliance while playing FIFA 2014. If you think that’s irrelevant, think again.


One thought on “Azerbaijan: Land of Football

  1. EXACTLY!!! We need to promote our image, the kind of people we are and focus on a theme that the world understands. This whole first Christian nation thing ain’t gonna get us anywhere and chess alone only reaches a certain part of the world’s population and does nothing to promote tourism. Having the world’s largest chess board made in a town that could offer more for tourists as well, now that might just make the cut somehow :D

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