Quick Observation

Although this is common knowledge for anyone who’s spent any amount of time in Armenia, it’s worth mentioning, for those who haven’t.

Anywhere you visit in Armenia, emigration and unemployment remain the greatest problem for this young nation; there just aren’t enough jobs available to sustain life. Contrary to popular belief among diasporans, this isn’t just a phenomenon among apathetic people who don’t care for the well-being of their country; even the most patriotic individuals who have sacrificed and invested their entire lives in Armenia are just fed up with their economic situation and, more importantly, are unable to sustain themselves and their families. If you take the time to travel around the country and interact with different types of people of different backgrounds, demographics, and locations, you’ll see that it’s a huge problem that affects the vast majority of Armenia’s rapidly diminishing population. Anyone who’s interested in the well-being and socio-economic development of Armenia should begin thinking about ways of tackling the obstacles between our current situation and our desired future.


Intersection in Yerevan


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